Is Online Roulette Rigged or Random?| Truths About Online Roulette

Do you know the feeling at win-onlinecasino ? You sign up for a generous welcome package and head out to try the online roulette game. All things seem to be going your way with the free version as you make wins. You decide it is high time to place your own money on the line, and things go downhill.

Is Online Roulette Rigged?

What could possibly go wrong when switching from free play mode to a real money roulette game? It is one reason why many people believe that online roulette games at casinos are scams. It is hard to convince a player that the game is not rigged at this point. The next step is writing a bad online review.

However, the vast majority of online casinos are legit and offer legit roulette games. These roulette games are releases from top gaming developers in the industry, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming, among many more. How can you tell that your losses at the casino are purely random and not fixed?

  • Online casinos are licensed
  • Online games are tested

Random Number Generators

One way online casinos use to ensure fairness and randomness with online roulette games is through a random number generator? What is an RNG, and what does it do? In simple terms, an RNG is a computer algorithm in charge of discharging millions of numbers per second to the gaming system when playing roulette.

When a player presses the 'spin' button at the roulette table, the RNG feeds the system with random numbers. In case you strike a winning combination with the numbers, you have struck gold. The online casino cannot control the RNG. Furthermore, there are third parties that test and certify the fairness of the RNG.

Online Betting Licenses

An important consideration for a player at a casino is the online betting references held by the casino. One sign that an online casino is legitimate is licensing credentials from well-known online regulatory bodies. All casinos need an operating license from international regulatory bodies to ensure the casino meets the expected standards.

Some notable regulatory bodies include the UK Gambling Commission, Alderney Gambling Control, Malta Gaming Authority, and Curacao, among many more. These regulatory bodies test the roulette games offered at the casino to ensure it meets the criteria for fairness and security. Part of experienced gamblers' sessions includes checking for these licensing credentials.

  • There does not exist universal gambling laws
  • Regulatory bodies need governmental approval

Are Live Dealer Roulette Games Rigged?

Live dealer roulette games provide a different ball game when it comes to the casino gaming experience. Live dealer games offer a different gaming experience that includes a live dealer. It might seem to scam a live dealer at the casino to pull off a win at the roulette table. However, it is way challenging than it sounds.

It is way difficult to rig live dealer roulette games compared to other electronic games. Many players are watching at the same time. Furthermore, you can check what the dealer is doing. It is also way harder to fix a live game, especially when it comes from licensed casinos with top gaming developers.

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming

One Way Online Roulette is Rigged

Earlier, we stated that it is impossible to rig an online roulette game from a licensed online casino with a top software provider. However, it is rigged in a different way than you are thinking. It is not rigged in a manner that the casino cheats or through the use of fixed spins.

It is rigged through the use of a house edge. The house edge for the roulette game depends on the game variant. For example, American roulette comes with way worse odds than other variants due to double zero presence. The roulette game comes with an inbuilt mathematical advantage to create profit for the casino.